Mithraeum London

Stepping back into Roman London at the Mithraeum

Did you know you can visit a Roman temple right in the heard of London?  First discovered in 1954 in an old bomb site, the Roman Temple of Mithras was a sensation with huge crowds coming to see it but then the site was redeveloped and the temple was dismantled, moved and seemed to be an unloved treasure.   Then came Bloomberg, building a shiny new HQ on the same site and announcing plans to return the temple to its original position and open it up to the public again.   Bloomberg have delivered on their promise and a fully reconstructed temple is now open to the public and London has another important piece to add to its Roman jigsaw.

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Trafalgar Square 4th Plinth

A new arrival on Trafalgar Square’s 4th Plinth

London has wonderful art  in its museums and galleries but the art and sculpture in public spaces is a constant delight as we walk around. My favourite site is the  4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square which has extremely varied pieces which have changed every couple of years since 1999.  After sitting empty for 150 years what is known as the  Fourth Plinth began hosting some  temporary commissions and this has built into a stunning series of works, often provoking debate and controversy but always bringing something new to the square.

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Rwandan school kids

58 days of extraordinary travel to Rwanda, Uganda and Oman

58 days.  I was away from London for 58 days this year and now I’m back it feels in many ways that I’ve hardly been away but as  my days pass I feel like I’m not looking at my usual life properly straight on, more from a slight angle so familiar things are not exactly as they were.  It will pass but for now I’m enjoying this feeling of dislocation as it allows me to hold onto my 58 days for a while longer. Travel is a wonderful thing but it is addictive……

They were 58 days of adventure and exploring in Rwanda, Uganda and Oman which  have filled my head with sunshine, friendly faces and some extraordinary memories.   I was volunteering in Rwanda, helping to build a school surrounded by banana and maize fields. The painting and plastering were fine but 2 weeks of pointing were  testing and it’s really not as easy you might think.

Pointing in Rwanda

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Charles ll Queens Gallery

Charles II shows us his power at the Queen’s Gallery

The new exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery is called Charles ll: Art & Power and is really does what it says.  We are treated to fine displays of Charles’ efforts to re-establish the monarchy and make sure no one misses his power.  Charles ll’s predecessor as monarch was his father Charles 1 who has his head chopped off in 1649, a shocking moment in British history.  His son Charles had to flee the country to save his own life while Oliver Cromwell ruled as Lord Protector.  After Cromwell’s death, and a short period during which his own son took on that role,  Charles ll was invited to return to England and take up the throne and the monarchy was restored.

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