Charles ll Queens Gallery

Charles II shows us his power at the Queen’s Gallery

The new exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery is called Charles ll: Art & Power and is really does what it says.  We are treated to fine displays of Charles’ efforts to re-establish the monarchy and make sure no one misses his power.  Charles ll’s predecessor as monarch was his father Charles 1 who has his head chopped off in 1649, a shocking moment in British history.  His son Charles had to flee the country to save his own life while Oliver Cromwell ruled as Lord Protector.  After Cromwell’s death, and a short period during which his own son took on that role,  Charles ll was invited to return to England and take up the throne and the monarchy was restored.

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Selfridges Christmas

Christmas lights in London

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year in London, the buzz, the festive events, the mulled wine and carols, but mainly because of the Christmas lights.  London is lit up so  beautifully that even those of us who have seen many many Christmases are still enchanted by the sights. Each area has its own style from classic to wacky, with Carnaby Street winning the prize for the latter!  Take a stroll with me to enjoy the lights from the warmth of your own home.

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Hoppers restaurant

Hoppers second restaurant is a hit!

Getting a table at London’s no reservations restaurants can be a real pain but usually well worth it when it happens.  Check out my review of The Barbary to see one recent success.  Hoppers is another venue I’d been wanting to try out for months but their Frith Street site was always surrounded by crowds of people wondering whether 2 hours was a reasonable time to wait for a table.  I decided not,  went right to the source and visited Sri Lanka instead!  Hoppers there are everywhere, even on the breakfast buffet in our hotel and I found I really like them.

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The Barbary

Getting a seat at The Barbary at last

I’m not a fan of the no booking  fad that restaurants in London are so keen on.  I’m not a fan of queuing nor of wandering around to find a restaurant that has a table. But The Barbary in Covent Garden has been on my list of ‘must visit’ restaurants for a while now so when I was in the area early one evening for a play at the nearby Donmar Warehouse, I  thought I’d give it a try and hurrah there was space at the bar for 2! Top tip is to arrive at 5.15pm and to do so before Time Out make it their number one restaurant in London as I fear it will be even more busy now!

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