Draper's Hall

London’s Hidden Treasures at Open House

Once a year London lets us into its hidden treasures, the many fine buildings which we usually can only see from the outside. Open House weekend is when it happens and it’s one of my favourite times to be exploring London.  Some of the buildings are accessible all year,  some only for an entry fee but during Open House weekend, a huge list of buildings are there for us to enjoy and it’s all free!

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Jazz Cafe

The Jazz Cafe

London has lots of great music venues such as Ronnie Scott’s, 606 Club, Roundhouse and I would happily count the Jazz Cafe among these.  It’s a fun place to see live music and I went there recently to test it out for 2017 and I wanted to tell you how it went.

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Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival 2017

As a lucky resident, I look forward to the Notting Hill Carnival every year and make sure I get out and about and enjoy the world’s second largest street carnival right on my doorstep.  It splits views in the neighbourhood with many residents making sure they are nowhere near and boarding up their houses against the feared hoards, while others, like myself, enjoy the vibe, the music, the food, the costumes and the all round good time. Continue reading

Zip line London

Riding a zip line at top speed in London!

Zip lines, I’ve known a few….  It began with a  3 sector zip in Jamaica,  which went well apart from a slightly strained arm caused by grabbing the wire too vigorously in an attempt to lose speed as I hurtled towards the cushioned tree at the finish line.  Then I moved up to an 11 stage zip line back and forth across a deep ravine in Swaziland which was rather ambitious and I have to admit to being a little scared despite it being perfectly safe.  So when  I heard of a big zip line coming to London so I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. Continue reading

Michael Morpurgo

Enjoy Michael Morpurgo’s genius at the V&A Museum of Childhood

The V&A has a second museum in Bethnal Green which is dedicated to celebrating childhood , full of beautiful exhibits that take you right back to when you were little.  Their special exhibition is just that, special, and is all about the extraordinary work of Michael Morpurgo. Called a Lifetime in Stories, it takes us on a journey through his life and his incredible body of work, including of course his most famous book War Horse. Continue reading