Burlington Arcade

Christmas lights brighten up London

It’s been a tough few months so I was keen to head to the West End of London to see the Christmas lights 2020 and taken on some Christmas spirit.  They did not disappoint and I’d like you to join me on my first tour around these famous illuminations.

Burlington Arcade is a top end passage of shops and said to be the world’s first shopping arcade.  Its simple colour scheme and tasteful decorations are a delight and Moet & Chandon have set up a tempting photo opportunity which I could not resist!

Burlington Arcade

Burlington Arcade

Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly is a beautiful shop inside and out  Famous for its teas it loves to mark Christmas with its customary style and flair.  This year the exterior is one huge advent calendar with a section for each leading up to the 25th and a massive 2020 down the side of the building.  Their shop windows are commemorating 8 famous displays from the past from 1930 through to 2020. Inside it is a masterclass in Christmas decorations and symmetrical design.

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason

Carnaby Street is usually my favourite decoration with its off the wall and over the top approach but this year they seem rather subdued although the message is strong.

Carnaby Street

Seven Dials just near Covent Garden have excelled themselves this year with a stunning  halo of lights with coloured baubles and sliver birch sprays around their famous centre.  The overall them is Festive Woodland.

Seven Dials

Oxford Street have gone for big banners with lights and text which changes rapidly so you have to be patient to see any full messages.

Christmas lights in London Oxford Street

Regent Street has returned with its beautiful angels which have been on display for many Christmases but still delight

Christmas lights in London Regent Street

The Mayfair shops always push the boat out and Cartier take the prize this year with their jaguar themed bright red shop front.

Christmas lights in London Mayfair

I hope you enjoyed this tour around some of London’s Christmas lights. There are plenty more so watch out for another blog post to come featuring South Molton Street, Tate Britain, Trafalgar Square and many more

Merry Christmas.


Lockdown London

Photos from lockdown London

As we begin to emerge from lockdown in London, it seemed a good time to reflect on what it was like over the last 3 months, while really hoping lockdown does not have to return.   During lockdown I’ve been volunteering at the Unity Kitchen in Victoria preparing meal to go out to those in real need. As well as being a good thing to do, this has meant I’ve been travelling to the heart of Westminster and experienced a very different London from the normal hustle and bustle.

Here are my photos showing the strangeness of these times when central London had no visitors and no office workers, when hotels and restaurants were shut, when theatres and cinemas went dark and the streets were empty.  Plenty of signs were erected to remind us of the rules.

Lockdown London rules

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Selfridges Christmas

Christmas lights in London

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year in London, the buzz, the festive events, the mulled wine and carols, but mainly because of the Christmas lights. London is lit up so beautifully that even those of us who have seen many many Christmases are still enchanted by the sights. Each area has its own style from classic to wacky, with Carnaby Street winning the prize for the latter!  Take a stroll with me to enjoy the lights from the warmth of your own home.

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Christmas lights in London 2015

It’s that time of year again when London comes to life with festive lights in all the major shopping areas. I’ve been out and about checking them out for you and my view on 2015 is that some new ones are great, some areas have kept with old favourites which is no bad thing  but some of the major shops have not made much effort this year and one major street is just not up to our high standards.
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The Christmas lights in London are brilliant!

The Christmas lights seem to go up earlier each year but by December we are all getting into the swing of the festive season. Huge numbers of people come to visit to big shopping areas in London like Oxford Street, Regent Street and Covent Garden to buy presents but also to enjoy the wonderful Christmas lights.
This will be a 2 part blog as there are so many to show you. Here’s part 1 and I hope you enjoy a trip around London with me!

One of the loveliest and yet very simple Christmas lights are the blue arches in South Molton Street:

I’m not usually a great fan of Oxford Street as it’s so busy and has mostly chain stores but their lights are great this year and really lift the mood in the crowds:

St Pancras Station have cornered the market in lego and have this massive tree made completely of lego! I’ve put a close up so you can see some of the pieces – it must have taken ages to put together!


Carnaby Street is often the best of the lot and this year they have gone all loved up with their mistletoe and holly branches and Kingly Court looks magical with its fairy lights:



Just one more for today! The tree in Trafalgar Square is very special as it is sent to us each year from the people of Norway to thank us for our help during the Second World War. It’s a huge and beautiful tree and each evening you can listen to the carol singers gathered underneath it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a short trip round the London Christmas lights. I’ll try to squeeze a few more in very soon.

Bye for now,