It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas in London!

London always looks beautiful at Christmas time as the shops, large and small, and the famous streets, like Regent Street and Oxford Street,  put a huge effort into their lights and window displays.  Most of them are up and twinkling now so I thought I’d give you a tour around London by night to enjoy these festive sights. 

There has been a big debate about whether it’s too early to turn on the lights and does the build-up to Christmas last too long but I’m swerving that and am determined to just enjoy them!

Harrods’ fine building is outlined in lights all year round but the addition of the trees makes it look even more festive.


Another place that uses the same lights each year is South Molton Street but they are so beautiful and striking that I hope they never feel the need to change them!

South Molton Street

Love the red London phonebox framed by the lights

Oxford Street’s lights are much better this year as they are less branded and more subtle, although quite hard to photograph!

Oxford Street from Marble Arch

Selfridge’s is one of London’s most famous department stores and its Christmas windows are keenly anticipated. This year is not a vintage one as my award (so far) goes to John Lewis – see below – but the amazing biscuit display is fun.

Made from biscuits!

Biscuits and golden syrup (on the right)

Gorgeous biscuits

Making a statement!

Non-biscuit window!

Love penguins

A good way to sell headphones

Onto my winner of the best window – so far – John Lewis on Oxford Street. They have shown amazing invention and wit by using household items to make creatures from penguins, to deer through owls and hares made from vacuum cleaners, luggage, washing up brushes and more.  Take a look:

Twinkling outside

Turkeys made from towels

Gorgeous luggage bear

Not sure what but very jolly!

Flying hare

Amazing what you can do with hair equipment!

More penguins…

Fluffy brushes

Vacuum cleaner deer

And finally for now – Regent Street – who are also staying with last year’s very successful look incorporating the 12 days of Christmas:

Lights filling the whole length of Regent Street

‘5 goooold rings’

Watch out for part 2 of London’s Christmas lights very soon…

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