The Chelsea Flower Show is heaven for gardeners!

If you love gardening, beautiful flowers or just a great day out then Chelsea Flower Show is the place for you!  For one week in late May, the grounds of the Royal Hospital, where the Chelsea Pensioners live, are transformed into a gardening heaven from the incredible show gardens to stalls selling hoses, from the creative artisan gardens to a stand selling tractors!

There is the serious business of competing for awards for the exhibitors and, for the visitors, of getting to see it all without exhausting oneself.  So, join me on a leisurely tour around the show gardens, the artisan gardens, the grand pavilion and the stunning flowers:

Arriving 2015

Looks like rather a posher affair back in the day!

Show gardens:

A beautiful garden for Prince Harry’s Sentabale charity

There was an charming Alice in Wonderland theme:

The Artisan gardens:

Celebrating old crafts

Magna Carta

Japanese order and beauty

Marking an incredible wartime escape story

And finally, the stunning plants and flowers themselves:

You can’t leave Chelsea without a ‘chat’ with a lovely pensioner!

Cheeky chappie

2 thoughts on “The Chelsea Flower Show is heaven for gardeners!

  1. Drude says:

    Beautiful place to visit and worth every penny! I was lucky enough to visit the Chelsea Flower Show about 7 years ago. A friend had a relative who made sculptures and had a display there… Nice blog you have btw 🙂

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