St Patrick’s Day 2013 in London

St Patrick’s Day is big all over the world and I have yet to be anywhere on my travels that does not have an Irish pub to celebrate in!

London really goes for it with Trafalgar Square dressing up to be at the centre of all things green and gold. This year brought us a chilly day with quite a bit of rain but spirits were not dampened for one moment. The square and surrounding streets were full of Irish and non-Irish but everyone was Irish for one day and covered themselves in Irish themed clothes, scarves, hats and wigs – yes, lots of red hair sprouting from strange hats!

There was Irish dancing and Irish bands such as Yngve and The Innocent, Irish DJ sets and a big sing-along to finish off the day.

No St Patrick’s Day is incomplete without a parade so London gave us a suitably quirky version which incorporated the Hare Krishna folk in Irish colours!  Not sure what the dragon was about but perhaps someone can help me with that?

Enjoy some photos from the day – only iphone quality I’m afraid but hopefully you’ll still get into the swing of London’s Irish day!

Always good to be sure you are at the right event

Having fun in the parade

Hare Krishna getting their Irish groove on…

Dragon, pink wig – anything goes in the parade

Great hair and beards

Plenty of dancing on the stage

Hair, hats, scarves, pints of Guinness – got it all!

Dressed for the job

Of course – the pointy hats

Top branding from the black stuff

No need to say any more

Spot the green…

It’s either cold or wet in London at the moment but we are ready for spring to arrive very soon. In the meantime there are tons of indoor activities to visit so you are never stuck for something to do in London whatever the weather.

Bye for now

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