Rwandan school kids

58 days of extraordinary travel to Rwanda, Uganda and Oman

58 days.  I was away from London for 58 days this year and now I’m back it feels in many ways that I’ve hardly been away but as  my days pass I feel like I’m not looking at my usual life properly straight on, more from a slight angle so familiar things are not exactly as they were.  It will pass but for now, I’m enjoying this feeling of dislocation as it allows me to hold onto my 58 days for a while longer. Travel is a wonderful thing but it is addictive… Continue reading

It’s good to be back in London

‘I’ve been building a school in Malawi’ usually provokes a raised eyebrow when people ask where I’ve been this year. The eyebrow is due to my appearance as a short, slim, city type who is definitely not in the first flush of youth! I say yes, I’ve been digging foundations and laying bricks with a team of local Malawian builders and that hard work and determination make up for size for most jobs. Continue reading

Lovely to be home despite the cold!

Well hello! I’m back home after nearly a month in southern Africa and seem to have forgotten that it’s still winter here. My friend who lives about 50 miles away couldn’t come and visit today as Oxfordshire is snowed in! I’ve got used to 30 degree heat so am staying indoors…


A couple of London things to report on since my return in the middle of last week and then a quick trot through my trip for those who might be interested.


This weekend saw the culmination of the celebrations for the Chinese New Year as we moved into the year of the Tiger. Central London was awash with red lanterns and huge crowds enjoying the sights, sounds and food on offer and all things Chinese. It was great to see so many people enjoying the day and plenty of Chinese people as well as locals and tourists. A few photos to give a feel of the day:

Food and drink have been a priority since my return and Friday evening was a lovely meal at Brasserie Max in the Covent Garden Hotel. Buzzy and at times a bit noisy which drowned out some of my endless holiday stories, perhaps that was the plan! Sunday evening was an engagement party at the Oxo Tower top floor bar with it’s amazing views along the Thames. Generous amounts of champagne were served and I recommend it for a bash.


So on to the Africa trip – in brief. It was a brilliant overland adventure from Cape Town to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe side) taking in Namibia and Botswana on the way, in a safari truck called Otiz. Everything from Cape Town’s Robben Island and all that awful but ultimately uplifting history, to elephants in our path, lions at a kill, quad bikes on the dunes and white water rafting equally in the water in the boat! We travelled 5,000 kms by road, light plane, bikes, boats, canoes, helicopters and by foot. We boiled and sweated, got sun and wind burnt, got bounced and bruised and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. The camera broke on day one but I indulged in the new Lumix so was happy if rather poorer. A few pictures of course but where to start and how to stop?

Next week it’ll be back to normal blog-wise as the sun tan fades and as I return to bringing you the best that London has to offer.


Bye for now,