3 more great London bars!

Did you see my recent blog on ‘3 of the best rooftop bars in London’? Check it out here if not. It struck me while writing that post that London has so many other great bars you need to know about, so I’ll be featuring them now and again in my blog. This week I’m taking you to a couple more rooftop ones with great view and my favourite old pub.

The Vista Bar is perched on top of the Trafalgar Hotel on Trafalgar Square and has a really great view right down into this famous square.  You can check out the new art work on the 4th Plinth or listen into the live streamed opera from the Royal Opera House or just chill out with a cocktail or too. They have pretty strong heaters so even on a chilly evening it’s still ok to drink outside.  

What a view of Trafalgar Square


Roof tops through to the London Eye


Roof tops through to Houses of Parliament
Up close to the top of Nelson’s column!

I love going to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, on a small alleyway off Fleet Street, as it feels so old and untouched. The sign outside tells us clearly it was ‘rebuilt in 1667’ as the previous building was destroyed in the Great Fire of London that devastated London the year before. The site has been the home to a pub since 1538. Charles Dickens was a frequent visitor and drinker  and there are claims that Dr Johnson was too and although he lived very close by, we have no real proof of that. Inside the is a wonderful small, dark room which is very atmospheric, especially when the fire is lit in the grate. Downstairs is more spacious with vast cellars thought to date from the 13th century and there is a dining room I’d love to try out sometime.

And still standing…
Down a little alleyway of Fleet Street
Atmospheric interior

The Sky Lounge at the DoubleTree Hilton near the Tower of London has a huge outdoor terraceYou are right up close to the new high rise buildings going up in the City of London – the ‘walkie talkie’ and the ‘cheese grater’ – we do love giving names to new buildings! If you are interested in regeneration and  new buildings there are enough cranes to keep you very happy! You are also treated to great views across to some of the more familiar London landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.  When night falls, the views are even better as the historic sights leap out of the night sky.

Outdoor terrace nestling in front of the Walkie Talkie


Historic London


River Thames and City Hall


Regeneration and cranes….
Magical night views

So many great bars, so little time – still I do my best!  I’ll be taking you to more over the next few months so keep an eye on this blog but there’s lots going on in London this autumn so the blog will not just be bar based….

Bye for now


* In case you are wondering –  no financial inducements were offered for this post!

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