Russia won the World Cup and sent us their weather!

There was a huge build up of excitement ahead of the announcement of which city would win the prize to host the 2018 World Cup. Ahead of the moment of pulling the card out of the envelope, we dared to dream it could be London and I went down to City Hall to see it all happen surrounded by excitable England fans. We stood in the Siberian temperature and the falling snow with the jolly mascot and the wonderful David Ginola – as a Spurs fan it was good to see him again, reminding us what a great player he was and what a fabulously handsome man he was and still is! We waited and waited with all eyes on the big screen and Seb Blatter and then came the horrible disappointment of losing out but good luck to Russia even tho’ we wish we’d won instead.


The build up to Christmas is in full swing and one of our local Notting Hill squares, Norfolk Square, set up a Christmas market and opened this event up with carol singers and a visit (rather early for those who are expecting him on Christmas Eve!) from Father Christmas. It was such a bitterly cold night that I was so impressed by the carol singers and players as they had such good spirits and fine voice, as did the Father Christmas. More Christmas fun at our local shopping centre, Whiteleys which has a wonderful tree to delight visiting children who are greeted by jolly elves and hopefully good presents for well behaved children!




We had a snowfall in the centre of London which is very unusual at this time of year. A couple of inches made the city a beautiful festive scene and the photo attached is shows my garden with the unusual sight of snow and a single remaining pink rose.



Bye for now,