Where to eat near the Tower of London

London has a rich and vibrant restaurant scene and making the right choice is often really challenging. To help with these dilemmas I’m writing a series for the great Cool Places website which offers reviews, recommendations and inspiring ideas for places all around the UK. They use local contributors with expert knowledge and have kindly asked me to do this restaurant series on London.

Each of my reviews takes a major London site you might be visiting and gives you write up of somewhere nearby I recommend you go to eat. Let’s start with my piece on where to eat after the Tower of London:

The Tapas of London

A visit to the Tower of London is on every first timer’s list of London ‘must sees’, and for good reason. A World Heritage site, it is packed full of history, has imprisoned monarchs and noblemen, housed lions and elephants and now guards the Crown Jewels. But it’s the heart of Tourist London. As you emerge, the main thing on your mind will be: where can I find a good meal away from the crowds?

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