Street Art Tour of Camden

When the topic of street art in London crops up I always think of Spitalfields but last weekend I discovered the richness of work to be found in Camden. A while back now I went on a street art tour of the Brick Lane/Spitalfields area which I loved – see my blog post about it – so I was excited to be invited to join Nelly from Camden Street Art tours on a 2 hour explore of the back streets of Camden. Continue reading

Street art in London’s East End

You can find street art all over London but if you head out to the east you can’t turn a corner without bumping into murals, stickers and street art that wasn’t even there the day before! 

I booked myself onto a Street Art Photography workshop to explore this art through the medium of photography. It was a great workshop with an hour’s introduction from Dave Stuart who shared some incredibly useful tips as well as running through the work of a wide variety of artists. It’s not an type of art that I’m at all familiar with so I was keen to learn more and got to understand a bit about how the art builds from the original piece as other artists put their tags on it, add to it or tear pieces away to become something new and ever changing. There is a whole world of artists and style to get to know and appreciate and I was glad to have the chance to dip my toe into this with such a great guide.

Armed with new ideas about shooting photos, how to give them more context and therefore tell a more interesting story, we headed out to the streets around the north of Brick Lane, an area famous for markets and edginess.  Immediately we saw an amazing array of art which I might have walked right past without stopping before the workshop. 

Below are my attempts at putting the workshop ideas into practice! Have a look through the gallery and see what you think (comments welcome). If you’d like to know where these artworks can be found, drop me a line and I’ll send you a map. Information about future workshops can be found here.


Local wildlife….



More local wildlife



The wall to the left says PRO….





Fancy zebra…
Love the figure in the window


Sometimes passing locals become part of the art!


Loved the contrast of colours

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