Sons et lumieres

Paris was a delight – the sun on the river, the outdoors Rodin museum where there is space to think and a space for The Thinker, not too busy and the Eiffel tour lit up in glorious blue each evening and sparkling for 10 minutes on the hour which is quite magical.

London fell a little short on the ‘lumieres’ front as Kenwood open air concerts, back after a year’s break due to residents’ complaints, was good on the music but no fireworks. Something about protected bats being disturbed – well, they’ve survived at least 20 years of Kenwood fireworks, but what do I know except that it wasn’t quite the same. And, they’ve moved the site away from the lake. However, the classical pieces were great andOmara Portuondo was doing her Buena Vista stuff and it was dry 2 weeks running if you ignore the very small shower on week one…

Other sons et lumieres – an installation on the South Bank where you can walk amoung tall thin speaker like structures which have music coming out and light patterns going up and down them. Apparently as you move around them you affect the light and sounds but we couldn’t work it out at all.

The final ‘lumiere’? The appearance of the sun! Not constantly but enough to feel a bit like summer and get that awful sweaty feel on the tube , yes summer must be here so I’m off to soak up some light.


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