Flying into London

As many of you will know I’ve been in Africa for 9 weeks working on a voluntary project in Ghana and then joining a tour of West Africa. It was an amazing adventure and I feel very happy that I played my part in building a primary school in a very hands-on way! Our tour took us on the roads less travelled in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia and Senegal and there are many stories to tell about these dusty red roads but they are for another time…

I always love flying back into London as it’s one of the great sightseeing landings you’ll ever experience. It was a clear and sunny day and I was lucky enough to get some photos to share with you. I had made sure I had a seat on the plane with the best views – always ask to be seated on the right side of the plane When you are landing at Heathrow, the usual route is across southern England and then a left over the 02 dome, following the River Thames all the way to your landing at the world’s busiest airport. It really makes me feel like I am home again as I check off all the famous landmarks of London from the Orbit, Tower Bridge, and St Pauls, along to the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and the massive expanses of London’s green royal parks.

Join me for the last 10 minutes of my flight as we head into Heathrow.

Spot the 02 dome as we take the big left turn to follow the Thames as it curves around the Docklands.

Below us is Greenwich Park where you can stand on the Meridian line.

The tower blocks and waterways of Canary Wharf sitting on the strangely named ‘Isle of Dogs’ – theories abound as to where that came from!

Our first sight of the iconic Tower Bridge and the Tower of London to its left.

The new buildings of the City are clear to see – the Shard (bottom left) and the Walkie-Talkie (the dark fronted, white-rimmed building to the mid left of the photo).

Can you make out the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral? Once the tallest building, it’s now dwarfed but still an incredible building.

Another big curve of the Thames brings us to the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

Here’s a great view of Buckingham Palace, set in green parkland – I wonder if the Queen was at home?

London is one of the world’s greenest cities and in the next 2 photos you can see the huge expanse of Hyde Park which runs into Kensington Gardens which were too big to fit into one photo, even from the air!

The Royal Albert Hall has an unmistakable round shape with its accompanying monument, also celebrating Prince Albert’s life. His death left Queen Victoria devastated and she sought many ways to keep his memory alive.

We are about to land when a final great sight comes into view – the magnificence of Osterley Park and House.

We landed safely and I was soon home. London kindly greeted me with sunshine and warm weather and she was looking her very best. It was good to be home.

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