Christmas lights in London – part 2!

As we hurtle towards Christmas, I wanted to bring you some more pictures of the street lights and shop displays that are giving London a really festive look. 

Every year since the Second World War Norway has sent London a huge Christmas tree to thank us for our support in the fight against Nazism. The annual lighting ceremony is a popular event in the build-up to Christmas and is always a beautiful sight, especially when seen across the fountain and water.

A moment of reflection

The photo was taken through a bus window so apologies for the blurriness but it shows you the annual fun event which is Santa Con where hundreds, or more probably thousands, of people dress up as Santa and roam around London all day. They usually gather in Trafalgar Square but this year this famous venue was hosting a Nelson Mandela memorial so it looks like they were making Marble Arch their home this year!

Santa Con at Marble Arch

Santas are also to be found in most of the big stores and this unusual version made of Lego was in John Lewis with some less festive companions from Star Wars!

Watch out behind you!

There are loads of skating rinks across London, many of them in famous historic sights and this one is a favourite, with the ghostly shape of the Tower of London in the background.

Skating in history

Or you could head over the Natural History Museum and try out their rink:

Watch out for the dinosaurs!

Carnaby Street always gives us an inventive take on Christmas lights and this year’s lovely robins are delightful.

Piccadilly Circus has turned the statue of Eros into a giant snowglobe to the amusement of all who pass by.

I was really pleased to see the giant reindeer had returned to Covent Garden as he is so cheery with his blinking red nose!

A giant Rudolph

Covent Garden has a festive look all through with the alleyways looking great and serving hot chestnuts to give a wonderful Christmassy smell.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…

Just one more to show you as I liked this shop window, bringing together several symbols of London with a festive feel.

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