Last week was British Tourism Week and there was a major show at the Olympia Halls called Best of Britain and Ireland, so I went along for the trade days, being the Director of a tour company for visitors to London (see website address at the end of the post). There were loads of stands from all over the country reminding us of all the great things to see outside of London. As ever food tasting was on offer and I admit to passing by the Melton Mowbray pork pie stand quite a few times and have several cream scones from the Susses by the Sea folk!
It was St Patricks Day and we were treated to a performance from a wonderful Irish Harp orchestra. There was a lot of talk of the Olympics and one of my sporting heroes, Jonathan Edwards did a turn (speaking not jumping!) Jonathan set a world triple jump recored in 1995 and it still stands today. So here are photos of Jonathan, the harpists and the Visit Britain stand looking very jolly.

A friend was exhibiting her glass sculptures one evening so I went to support her talents and see the other work on display but of course hers was the best! You can see for yourself how good the work is although apologies that the photo is not one of my best!

So, what about restaurants this week? Quite a lot going on….. I had lunch at the Cow, a local gastro pub run by Tom Conran who has a few establishments in Notting Hill area including a mexican, a diner and a deli. To celebrate the end of the week we tried out a new place called Dock Kitchen at Portobello Dock which is a new urban regeneration project of refurbished and new buildings one of which, the wharf is owned by a furniture and lighting design company, called Tom Dixon. A pop up restaurant started last year and is now a permanent addition. They have themed nights and we went for Iraqi night which was good and tasty, especially the slow cooked lamb which was super soft and infused with delicate flavours. It’s a wonderful setting as the photo shows with a leg of the Grand Union Canal coming alongside the building which is wondefully lit and decorated. Drinks beforehand were had at the strangely named Paradise By Way of Kensal Green! For those not familiar with the area, Kensal Green is a place in London north of Notting Hill and as for the name, it comes from a poem by G.K. Chesterton where he says: ” For there is good news yet to hear and fine things to be seen, before we go to Paradise by way of Kensal Green”! It’s a fine bar with restaurant and private rooms which have seen several parties I’ve been to over the years.

Finally on the food theme was a meringue party at a friends where we consumed large numbers of plain, chocolate, hazlenut and almond merginues with cream and fruit. Not open to the public so a bit mean of me to mention it but I can highly recommend the idea with some crisp cava to wash it down!
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