Frieze Art Fair - Haegue Yang

A stroll Around London’s Frieze Art Fair 2016

London hosts a large number of art fairs in October but the daddy of them all is Frieze where the world’s top galleries gather in a huge marquee in Regent’s Park to show off their best wares.

I go each year with a friend who lectures in Fine Art so I get the best low down on what we are seeing. You can discover new artists but also find new work from established favourites.  Continue reading

Is it art? A visit to Frieze Fair London

That big question – what is art? I’ve been to thousands of art exhibitions and galleries, taken tens of art courses and I still have no real answer to that question but I don’t think I’m alone in this dilemma. Is it in the eye of the beholder? Like beauty, there is usually some agreement on what is and what is not but there is also space for the quirky one offs. 

October in London sees the great and the good (and the bad) in the art world gathering at Frieze Art Fair. Collectors and artists from all over the world can be found in the enormous tents pitched in Regent’s Park for 4 days of schmoozing and being seen and trying to spot the next big thing so they can say they ‘found them ages ago’! 

I was lucky enough to be invited to the evening preview (big thanks to The Marylebone Hotel, London, part of the Doyle Collection) so I got to wander around, with my glass of champagne, checking out the art before the crowds piled in the next morning.  I took loads of photos so I could  share the fair with you. I make no judgement and some are pretty ‘out there’ but I hope you enjoy your virtual Frieze and for those of you who like a bit of people watching, scroll towards the end of the photos and you’ll see some of the fashions…..





This one’s interactive – you could sit in the middle!








Here are just a few photos of the people at the fair who were mostly dressed up and some in amazing outfits but there were also a few jeans and grubby trainer types too but no photos of them!




 Coinciding with Frieze are loads of new openings at London’s great museums and art galleries so watch out for future blogs about these and some more unexpected openings!  I’m not giving any clues about that but watch this space…….

Bye for now,

Spring is a beautiful time to be in London

In 2013 the winter seemed to go on forever and it was chilly through much of March but April saw the blossom come out at last. The Brits are famous for being obsessed by the weather and this blog seems to be confirming that! 

Spring is a fabulous time in London and I’d like to share some photos taken during April so you can enjoy it too. 

Brits are always out, sitting or laying in a park at the slightest hint of sunshine:

Outdoor yoga – seems a bit public to me but they look like they are completely in to it:

My neighbour’s front garden is always a delight:

And this is just around the corner from me, pink magnolia trees in Notting Hill and a small garden, squeezing some daffs into a corner:

Camden Market and Camden Lock are great places to hang out and shop on a sunny day:


You can’t beat the Thames on a fine spring day, looking towards the east, on a boat or near the London Eye:


Even an April shower brings its own reward – a rainbow right over London:

Another famous sight that shines in the sun is Westminster Abbey. The red buses were on hire for a wedding  so we wondered if someone was getting married inside this great building – it’s not just for Wills and Kate!

Piccadilly Circus is a famous meeting and hanging out spot – never more than on a sunny day:

Primrose Hill offers fabulous views over London (how many landmark buildings can you name?) and you can hang out on the grass all day relaxing. The nearby streets have beautiful blossom:



Regent’s Park is home to an open air theatre that starts in mid May but before then you have the gracious gardens, good for strolling or playing in the fountains:


It’s another lovely day today, so I must head out to enjoy it!

Bye for now.




London heatwave!

This was the week that summer hit London with full force with blue skies and temperatures reaching 30 degrees at Sunday’s peak. Perhaps not so high for some of you reading this but trust me, that’s really hot for London! Sunday was also famous for the debacle of the England football team but let’s not dwell on that…..

One highlight of this week for me was a drive through Richmond Park. This is less than 30 minutes from central London even with London’s busy traffic and is an amazing place to visit as it’s not only a huge and beautiful expanse of open land, but it’s so big you can drive through it. What makes it really special is the herds of deer you can easily see as you drive/walk/run/cycle you way around the park. They are so used to people and vehicles that you can get really close to these beautiful creatures and here are a couple of snaps so you can see them for yourselves.
Sunny days are always great down by the river Thames and I made a trip to the Tate Modern which not only has incredible art but also a couple of great balconies for photographers to indulge themselves with river views. I loved taking these of St Pauls and the famous ‘wobbly bridge’, and one across the maze of buildings in the city of London, old and new sitting next to each other.

Regents Park was the scene of last week’s Taste of London Festival where one section of the park was taken over by stalls and people but has returned to its usual calm untroubled state. We went for a walk through the park during the week and loved the riot of colourful flowers and decided that being a gardener in a royal park must be a wonderful a job. Here’s an example of their work:



Then it was back to the river where the pubs along the tow path have been packed out with people enjoying the summer weather and feeling like they are on holiday in the heat of the weekend. This one is in Chiswick – one of 3 in a short space of river bank.


The coming week will be all about Wimbledon now the football has lost its sparkle for the English and I hear the weather will hold so watch out for more sunny photos of London at its best!
Bye for now,