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“Tourist Tip: New Site ‘It’s Your London’ Offers Personalised Tours

London can be a big, old confusing place to the newcomer. Why does the British Museum contain hardly anything that’s British? Why do our streets refuse to conform to a grid pattern? How come Oyster doesn’t work on the trains? And as for the London Dungeon…well, just why?

Everyone visitor needs some kind of helping hand, be it a traditional guide book, an audio tour, advice from a friend or, if you’re really savvy, a read through the Londonist archive. But here’s an option that might just beat them all (apart from the last one, of course).

It’s Your London offers a really simple idea. Tell them your interests, budgets and travel arrangements and they’ll pull together a special itinerary just for you. They offer different levels of service – from the simple expedient of an information pack waiting in your hotel room, to a full-on tour with a local expert. They’ll even buy all the tickets you need. Easy.

We’ve seen other sites like this before, most notably Urban Gentry, which specialises in the more stylish clientèle. But there are heaps more of varying degrees of quality. It’s Your London is entering a crowded marketplace of alternative tourism options, but with its chummy, flexible service it deserves to do well. And good on ’em for avoiding the word ‘bespoke’.