More of London’s fabulous festive lights!

I’m feeling very Christmassy now as there is just over a week to go! Each time I got out and about in London I see even more festive lights so I wanted to share these with you. If you missed my first lights tour click here.

I’d like to take you down Regent Street, along Carnaby Street and into Covent Garden…

Regent Street is sporting its usual wonderful antler lights but unfortunately they have gone commercial and are promoting the latest Night at the Museum film – at least it’s set in the British Museum this time!

A quick detour via a spectacular golden window from Liberty’s;

My favourite is always Carnaby Street and they did not disappoint this year with a series of headphones and white moustaches – what’s not to love!  Each side street had a lovely little Christmas tree next to the old fashioned street sign. 

Seven Dials looks like series of small space ships have landed!

Our last stop is Covent Garden where we have the return of the huge reindeer, great by day or by night.

Covent Garden’s lovely enormously tall tree and the massive baubles in the main hall!

 A new addition in Covent Garden is the Santa, sleigh and reindeer all made of Lego which is an amazing sight and must have taken ages…

….and from above:

Few things say Christmas more than a group of school kids dressed up singing Christmas carols so I’ll leave you with this one:

Best wishes for a merry Christmas time and all the best for 2015 – hopefully including a visit to London!

Bye for now,

Christmas lights in London – part 2!

As we hurtle towards Christmas, I wanted to bring you some more pictures of the street lights and shop displays that are giving London a really festive look. 

Every year since the Second World War Norway has sent London a huge Christmas tree to thank us for our support in the fight against Nazism. The annual lighting ceremony is a popular event in the build up to Christmas and is always a beautiful sight, especially when seen across the fountain and water. 

Trafalgar Square, London
A moment of reflection

The photo was taken through a bus window so apologies for the blurriness but it shows you the annual fun event which is Santa Con where hundreds, or more probably thousands, of people dress up as Santa and roam around London all day. They usually gather in Trafalgar Square but this year this famous venue was hosting a Nelson Mandela memorial so it looks like they were making Marble Arch their home this year!

Santa Con at Marble Arch

Santas are also to be found in most of the big stores and this unusual version made of Lego was in John Lewis with some less festive companions from Star Wars!

Watch out behind you!

There are loads of skating rinks across London, many of them in famous historic sights and this one is a favourite, with the ghostly shape of the Tower of London in the background. 

Skating in history

 Or you could head over the Natural History Museum and try out their rink:

Watch out for the dinosaurs!

 Carnaby Street always gives us an inventive take on Christmas lights and this year’s lovely robins are delightful

 Piccadilly Circus has turned the statue of Eros into a giant snowglobe to the amusement of all who pass by.

I was really pleased to see the giant reindeer had returned to Covent Garden as he is so cheery with his blinking red nose! 

A giant Rudolph

 Covent Garden has a festive look all through with the alleyways looking great and serving hot chestnuts to give a wonderful Christmassy smell.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…

 Just one more to show you as I liked this shop window, bringing together several symbols of London with a festive feel.

Bye for now,

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas in London!

London always looks beautiful at Christmas time as the shops, large and small, and the famous streets, like Regent Street and Oxford Street,  put a huge effort into their lights and window displays.  Most of them are up and twinkling now so I thought I’d give you a tour around London by night to enjoy these festive sights.   

There has been a big debate about whether it’s too early to turn on the lights and does the build up to Christmas last too long but I’m swerving that and am determined to just enjoy them!

Harrods’ fine building is outlined in lights all year round but the addition of the trees makes it look even more festive. 


 Another place that uses the same lights each year is South Molton Street but they are so  beautiful and striking that I hope they never feel the need to change them!

South Molton Street

Love the red London phonebox framed by the lights

Oxford Street’s lights are much better this year as they are less branded and more subtle, although quite hard to photograph!

Oxford Street from Marble Arch

Selfridge’s is one of London’s most famous department stores and its Christmas windows are keenly anticipated. This year is not a vintage one as my award (so far) goes to John Lewis – see below – but the amazing biscuit display is fun. 

Made from biscuits!

Biscuits and golden syrup (on the right)

Gorgeous biscuits
Making a statement!

Non biscuit window!
Love penguins

A good way to sell headphones

 Onto my winner of best window – so far – John Lewis on Oxford Street. They have shown amazing invention and wit by using household items to make creatures from penguins, to deer through owls and hares made from vacuum cleaners, luggage, washing up brushes and more.  Take a look:

Twinkling outside

Turkeys made from towels

Gorgeous luggage bear

Not sure what but very jolly!

Flying hare

Amazing what you can do with hair equipment!

More penguins…

Fluffy brushes

Vacuum cleaner deer

 And finally for now – Regent Street – who are also staying with last year’s very successful look incorporating the 12 days of Christmas:

Lights filling the whole length of Regent Street

‘5 goooold rings’

Watch out for part 2 of London’s Christmas lights very soon…..

Bye for now,

Christmassy London in lights

Only 15 days to go! I’m rushing around trying to make sure I have bought everyone’s presents, posted all the cards and, most importantly, enjoyed London’s Christmas lights! 

One of the wonderful traditions in London at this time of year is the lighting of the tress in Trafalgar Square. Every year since 1947 the people of Norway have sent us a magnificent Christmas tree as a gesture of thanks for British support during the dark days of the Second World War. The switching on of the lights attracts huge crowds and this year was no exception with the square and every viewing point crammed with excited Londoners and tourists.  The 70 foot tree looked fabulous with its 600 bright lights hanging vertically, as is the Norwegian style.  Here are some photos to show you the scenes in the square including the  fine voiced choristers who braved the cold to entertain us!

To top off the evening, we went into the church of St Martin-in-the-Fields for the annual VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) charity Christmas Carol Concert where we had great fun belting out all the old favourites, listened to a wonderful choir doing it properly and heard some fun and inspiring readings and talks about the work of VSO.  A festive glass of hot  mulled wine was also happily consumed!

Inside St Martin-in- the-Fields

The British Museum has a special open evening for members so we could shop in private and enjoy the Egyptian Galleries by night, which was a bit spooky and put me in mind of the film A Night at the Museum. The famous inner courtyard and Reading Room looked festive with their snowflake design.

The museum by night – watched by a Pharaoh!

South Molton Street, just off Oxford Street has very striking lights and they have done the sensible thing and used last years’ again – good to see the recycling and the dramatic blue arches would be hard to beat.

Another example of recycling is Oxford Street where they have kept most of the lights used last year but added several sections sponsored by Marmite. The advertising for this quintessentially British spread is ‘you’ll love it or hate it’ and that seems to apply to the lights too!  I think most of them are ok but the section where people’s faces appear is rather creepy. Have a look at the good bits:

 Selfridges, one of London’s top department stores on Oxford Street, is famous for its Christmas windows and although they are not all as good as usual this year, I particularly like these two. 

I’ll be back soon with some more sights of London at Christmas time for you.

Bye for now